Analyzing Global Customer Acquisition Rate through Unified Reporting

Analyzing Global Customer Acquisition Rate through Unified Reporting
Executive Summary

The client is a global leader in consumer cyber safety and provides many identity theft protection services. With multiple brand acquisitions, product lines, business units, and geographical presence, the central corporate team found it increasingly harder to have a regular tab on the customer acquisition efforts and growth of the business. The current process of collecting data from disparate sources and managing reports was not only time-consuming, but cumbersome and highly prone to errors. They sought a solution to automate its daily reporting needs of the product acquisition business and gain insights into customer behavior & market trends.

Factspan developed an ETL pipeline to process data from 20+ marketing channels, multiple data sources & formats, and across 4 regions. The results are then visualized in a report using an algorithm. The solution reduced manual effort by 85% and provided valuable insights into the conversion rate of customers acquired through paid search, search engine optimization, email, display, radio, TV, affiliate, etc. The results were presented in a visually appealing manner via dynamic email reports, enabling the client to make informed business decisions based on meaningful data insights.

About the Client

The client is one of the most well-known and respected brands in cybersecurity and identity theft protection services. They have many award-winning brands, products, and services in cybersecurity, online privacy, and identity protection, and provides solutions to more than 500 million users in more than 150 countries

Some of their services include protecting & monitoring personal & critical information such as credit reports, social security numbers, and bank account numbers to detect potential identity theft and recovery services to help customers restore their stolen identity

Business Challenge

The consumer marketing department at the client company relied heavily on excel reports for their daily reporting needs of their products. This manual process was time-consuming (over 4 hours) and prone to errors. With more product lines and expansion, the challenge to manage information on daily basis became very difficult and so the team wanted an efficient and reliable solution that can enhance the speed and scale.

In addition, they needed a tool to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make informed business decisions based on meaningful insights. In particular, the team is interested in understanding the Conversion Rate (CVR) of customers for its customer acquisition funnel that is populated through 20 different disparate marketing channels.

Our Solution

Factspan built an ETL pipeline to process the data from all the customer acquisition channels to a single source of truth (Azure database).

After the data processing, the team chalked a general outline of a process for creating and analyzing data using a depth-first search algorithm (DFS) and then visualizing the results in a report.

DFS (Depth First Search) algorithm is useful for searching for specific data or for understanding the overall structure of the data.

First, our team installed libraries or modules to support the functionality needed for the DFS algorithm, connecting to an Azure Database source, and creating charts and reports. The next step involved connecting to a database hosted on the Azure platform, which required authentication and configuration settings. Once connected to the data source, the DFS algorithm was implemented to traverse and search the data. The fourth step involved formatting the output of the DFS algorithm in a specific way or using a pre-built “styler” library to format the output in a visually appealing manner.

A unified report from the analysis and charts was exported and sent through emails to the decision makers

Business Impact
  • Comprehensive analysis on the customer acquisition rate across multiple geographies
  • 85% reduction in manual efforts as the reporting process is streamlined through automated process
  • The execution time is reduced from 4 hours to 40 min for daily reporting
  • Tracked the performance of key metrics across different regions and time ranges
  • Enabled the client to act quickly to any anomalies observed

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