Unified Workforce Data and Automated Insights with Snowflake

Case study : Unified Workforce Data automation using snowflake
Executive Summary:

In the entertainment industry, agility is essential to meet evolving operational demands. A global entertainment giant faced challenges with managing labor data spread across multiple isolated sources, impeding timely decisions due to manual processes. To address this, Factspan introduced a consolidated data warehouse powered by Snowflake. This solution streamlined data integration from systems, empowering analysts to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately. It unifies data from various sources, democratizing data access across the organization without requiring technical proficiency.

Factspan’s solution fundamentally changed how the client interacts with labor data, eliminating manual processes and democratizing insights. This integrated system ensures the entertainment conglomerate maintains its competitive edge by providing swift, informed decision-making capabilities.

About the Client

A prominent entertainment conglomerate, the client offers a diverse range of entertainment merchandise, interactive gaming experiences, and captivating literary works. Their overarching mission revolves around elevating the resonance of the esteemed company’s cherished characters and narratives, meticulously transforming them into tangible and engaging realities. Its innovative endeavors serve as a conduit for the company’s ethos and creativity, profoundly impacting its audience

Business Challenge

The client struggled with managing labor data scattered across isolated systems for scheduling, demand planning, availability, training, and advanced scheduling. This fragmentation, across platforms like Oracle, Google, and Blue Yonder, led to inefficiencies and slowed labor management processes, hindering agile decision-making and accurate forecasting

Our Solution

A unified data warehouse transformed labor data analysis for the client, enabling business analysts to work more efficiently and proactively. By leveraging Snowflake’s data ingestion and automation capabilities, the solution has not only reduced manual effort but has also democratized data access across the organization, fostering a culture of collaboration and informed decision-making. A holistic solution powered by Snowflake technology addressed the client’s challenges:

Steps: Flow of data from data sources to insights delivery using snowflake
Business Impact
  • Democratized insights increased engagement by 30%
  • Decreased manual workload reduced by 25%
  • Enabled proactive decisions reduced reactive tasks by 15%
  • Accelerated decisions delivered insights 20% faster
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