Staying Relevant and Ahead through Fluid Intelligence


The ability to acquire knowledge and skills to operate effectively is constantly challenged by the highly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) scenario of the current business landscape.

In the tsunami of changes impacting business operations on a daily basis, companies that are skilled in managing fluidity and evolving their intelligence are likely to stay relevant and ahead in the market.

At Factspan, we embrace the idea of powering fluid intelligence for our business partners to truly realize the potential of Data and AI.

Fluid intelligence is the ability to imbibe new information, reason quickly, and solve problems in novel or unfamiliar situations. By harnessing the unrealized potential within information, we empower decision makers to confidently embark experimentation and exploration initiatives to turn data into contextual insights.


Who are We?

Founded in 2012, Factspan seeks to be trusted go-to partner for our customers in their journey to be the leader in the data-driven world. Today, with years of experience and skill, we enable our clients to defy conventional boundaries and embrace ever-changing currents to drive meaningful impact in their businesses.

We help the decision makers to

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Why Factspan?