Retailer’s Journey to Accelerated Data Processing and Improved Accuracy

Executive Summary

In a strategic move, a leading American department store chain upgraded from a legacy Customer Data Platform (CDP) to an advanced AI-powered solution, driven by the pursuit of precise data management and enriched customer insights.

Factspan streamlined identity resolution and automated data validation. This innovation expedited the validation of extensive customer data records, enhancing accuracy.

The project seamlessly integrated customer data from legacy systems and the new AI-based CDP, accelerating identity resolution without manual intervention.

Probabilistic matching techniques boosted accuracy, identifying likely matches between customer records from different systems. Scrutiny of records below match percentage thresholds improved data accuracy.

In partnership with Factspan, the department store chain now leads in data precision and customer insights. Optimizing identity resolution and eliminating manual tasks unlocked efficiency and fortified the foundation for future growth.

Project Highlights

  • Achieved a 135% increase in average PII completion rate
  • Realized an impressive 40% surge in resolved accounts’ value
  • Enhanced decision-making confidence for the organization


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