Cloud Orchestration Upgrade to Transform Retail Chain Operations

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    Executive Summary:

    A leading US retail chain faced a substantial operational setback, causing a direct impact on revenue streams. The root of this challenge lay in outdated technology, specifically within the Python and Airflow systems. These antiquated systems, which included 600 Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), went beyond merely hindering operational efficiency-they cast a pervasive shadow on the store’s innovative capabilities.

    Recognizing the implications of this multifaceted problem, the retail giant strategically partnered with Factspan for a tailored cloud engineering solution. The primary focus became a seamless transition to Google Cloud Composer Version 2, due the urgency and long-term ramifications associated with the outdated systems. Factspan’s strategic approach, involving detailed DAG mapping and a custom code. This initiative wasn’t just an upgrade, it represented a critical step towards long-term operational excellence, ensuring compatibility, and promoting innovation.

    Project Highlights:
    • 98% upgrade success, minimal disruptions
    • 30% efficiency surge, workflow optimization
    • Substantial cost savings, resource efficiency
    • Increased customer satisfaction by 20%
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