Enhanced Customer Analysis through Power BI

Executive Summary

The client faced a major challenge with two different data counts on their new customer data, one from their CRM system team and another from their analytics team. The scenario naturally caused a lot of confusion in multiple departments, as they were unsure if the numbers generated by the teams were relevant for marketing and advertising strategies.

Factspan team identified the logical differences in the SQL queries, causing the mismatched count on the customer data. The project headed by Factspan improved team’s communication and implemented a Power BI dashboard for efficient tracking and reporting. By adopting a unified methodology and streamlining processes, the company now benefits from consistent and reliable reporting of new customers, supporting well-informed marketing decisions and accurate growth tracking.

About the Client

The client is a prominent retail corporation with a widespread presence in the grocery industry. The company operates a chain of well-established supermarkets, providing a diverse range of products and services to customers across various regions. Known for its commitment to delivering quality and convenience, this retail leader has consistently evolved to cater to the dynamic needs of the consumers. Emphasizing customer satisfaction, the company prioritizes exceptional customer service and offers an extensive selection of fresh produce, pantry essentials, and household goods.

Business Challenge

The client found inconsistency in customer data generated by the CRM system and the data analytics team. It hindered the organization’s ability to accurately track its growth and make data-driven decisions regarding marketing campaigns. The leadership recognized the need for a comprehensive understanding of the reasons behind the differing counts and the implementation of a unified methodology. Finding a solution was paramount to ensure reliable and consistent reporting, enable wellinformed decision-making, and foster alignment between the teams.

Our Solution

Factspan team was engaged to address the challenge of conflicting counts of new customers produced by two teams. To unravel the disparities, Factspan experts meticulously analyzed the SQL queries utilized by both teams.

The analysis revealed a significant logical difference between the methodologies. The company’s own CRM team’s query reached as far back as 2015 to determine whether a household ID had ever made a purchase. If not, it was considered a new customer. On the other hand, the analytics team’s query only considered the last 12 months, leading to false-positive counts and an inflation of new customers.

After careful consideration, the leadership decided to adopt the analytics team’s query and methodology for board meetings. This choice was driven by the fact that the leadership had been using the analytics team’s output in their meetings. Switching to their own CRM team’s results would have raised questions among the stakeholders.

As a result of the project, the leadership became aware of the logical flaw in the two methodologies, prompting a more rigorous approach to data analysis and decisionmaking. The project also fostered better communication between the company’s own CRM team and the analytics team, reducing the likelihood of future discrepancies.

To ensure streamlined and efficient tracking of new customers, Factspan experts went a step further by creating a data object and a Power BI dashboard. This dashboard eliminated the need for manual running of queries and generating charts on Excel, enhancing the overall reporting process and freeing up valuable time and resources. By adopting a unified methodology and implementing the Power BI dashboard, the company now enjoys accurate and consistent reporting, empowering the leadership to make well-informed decisions regarding marketing campaigns and track the organization’s growth with confidence.

Business Impact
  • Unified methodology for accurate brand-new customer reporting
  • Data-driven marketing decisions enabled through reliable data
  • Reporting consistency ensured during board meetings
  • Streamlined tracking and reporting with Power BI dashboard
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