Identifying Trending Searches for a Large Retail Pharmacy

A large retail pharmacy was seeking to increase visibility, sales, and overall performance, it tackled the challenge by integrating Factspan's customized trending search algorithm. Data-driven insights, timely daily trending topics allowed the organization to make strategic decisions both about patient health and improve business growth.

Executive Summary

The retail industry has been transformed by the rise of e-commerce, and with it, the importance of online search. It is especially  true for the pharmacies, where customers rely on accurate and timely information to make informed decisions about their  health. Data-driven insights are indispensable to businesses to make strategic decisions both about patient health and improve  business growth. A large retail pharmacy chain in the US faced the challenge of identifying the most popular search queries on  their website. They wanted to leverage the insights gained from analyzing search data to enhance the user experience and  drive more traffic to their platform, ultimately increasing sales and customer satisfaction. 

The Factspan team developed an internal trending algorithm that could be updated and adjusted based on business  requirements. It was developed with a multi-step approach that involved analyzing historical search data, filtering out  irrelevant searches, correcting user intent using spell check, and eliminating similar terms. The solution increased visibility of  trending searches for new users, provided insights on the most popular search queries, and enhanced user experience on the  platform.

Project Highlights

  • Implemented a customizable trending algorithm to identify search patterns from users
  • Conducted in-depth analysis of historical data to uncover seasonal and cyclic patterns 
  • Developed algorithm that resulted in a significant 25% increase in visibility 
  • Filtered out irrelevant searches, enabling a focused approach on trending searches 
  • Optimized user experience with advanced spell check and precision filtering 
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