Unified Merchandise Sales Intelligence through Snowflake for a Global Entertainment Company

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    Executive Summary

    Did you know scattered sales data and poor analytics can lead to bad sales strategies? A global entertainment company faced a major challenge of scattered sales data across diverse data centers. Factspan developed a unique solution. The objective was to centralize historical records dating back to 2010 and ongoing sales data into a unified Global Data Lake. Leveraging a Snowflake DB-based ETL pipeline, it aimed to enhance data accessibility for analytics.

    The team developed a cloud data engineering solution that not only addressed existing challenges but also laid the groundwork for a scalable, efficient, and future-ready tech infrastructure. It involved the seamless integration of advanced technologies, including a Snowflake DB-based ETL pipeline, AWS, GCP, UC4, SODA, SQL, and GitHub, to ensure a robust and adaptive technological foundation.

    Project Highlights
    • Centralized Sales Data: Enabled 25% visibility with successful Snowflake integration
    • Enhanced Data Precision: SODA led 35% precision boost, reducing anomalies by 30%
    • Improved Report Generation: Achieved 40% faster reports; agile decision-making
    • Reduced Manual Intervention: Attained 15% efficiency gain; streamlined operations
    • Expanded Analytics Scope: Unlocked 50% increased capabilities; fostering growth

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