Extract the true value of your data. Experience tableau powered
Factspan data analytics services.

Tableau- your Data analysis tool to Empower Intelligent Business Decisions.

Technology should assist in the simplification of tasks. With tableau powered Factspan data analytics services, you can exactly achieve that. Get access to dashboards and insights which are easily understandable and capable of usage by even the non-technical staff.

Factspan has derived the best insights for its
clients leveraging tableau

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Gather insights at a lightning quick speed. Experience tableau. Tableau is changing the way data is understood and used by enterprise.

Data sageness

Convert your big data into pertinent business insights. AI powered data analytics provides perceptions that power successful business decisions. Tableau is best at what it does- data analytics. Make your data analysis fast, accurate and business consumable.

Exceptional perspectives

Smart dashboards for numerous data tasks. Fast analytics along with data visualization techniques offer a diversified set of outlooks for business. Comprehensible dashboards let you derive meaningful analysis, you get outlooks that best represent your data.

Simple to use

The platform is very simple to use, complex data calculations can be performed by a few clicks, you can connect your database and leverage.

High Caliber

Tableau is designed to handle and process huge volumes of data at any point of time, process is smooth and seamless.

Factspan tableau partnership offers a great suite of self-sustaining data analytics products. Success is calling you.

Tableau desktop

Perform live data analysis to unlock data potential by finding new opportunities; you can customize your tidings/ reports on your dashboard.

Tableau public

Share your data globally; a platform build for clients interested in cost-effective solutions, create your data visualizations on tableau public cloud.

Tableau server

Create your own secure environment; share your dashboards swiftly and only with licensed users within organization.

Tableau online

Build your own platform on the tableau cloud; you can seamlessly share the insights with both colleagues and your clients.

Tableau prep

Experience an altogether new approach to data prep in your organization; refine your raw data which can be perused and analyzed correctly.

Tableau CRM

Gain better insights with tableau CRM analytics; detect new trends and action points for immersive customer experiences.