EdTech AI – Machine Learning facilitates Fun Learning

EdTech AI - Machine Learning facilitates Fun Learning

With the progress of Educational technology (EdTech), technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have joined the game. Increasingly, artificial intelligence has become the driving force behind the ever-changing virtual world. This has become the thousands of startups appearing every day based on AI or its AI tools (from Siri to automated news). Everything is done with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As artificial intelligence enters all fields, it has also begun to change the traditional educational field. 

Intelligent, adaptive, and trustworthy artificially intelligent EdTech tools that encourage personalized learning are being deployed in all educational institutions (such as schools, colleges, and universities) around the world to analyze large amounts of data collected by students that can affect student’s lives or have a significant impact on students and educators.

Let’s quickly get into the article and learn about the main educational AI tools that can bring interesting learning experiences.


Ivy is an AI self-service chatbot to help colleges and universities developed by Ivy.ai. This company builds chatbots to facilitate Q&A by users regarding education. This Edtech AI tool can provide answers about the application forms, program details, tuition costs, deadlines, and procedures of enrollment. It can also collect data to plan recruitment campaigns. It can also answer questions about scholarships, grants, work-study, loans, SAP guidelines, refunds, and tuition payments. The product line “Ivy” can be curated specifically for the needs of students.


Gradescope is a platform that helps provide feedback and evaluation to students. Since this is a tedious job, it can be made simple with the help of these artificial intelligence tools for educational platforms. Artificial intelligence tools combine the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to help solve grade-level troubles. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and energy by outsourcing the review and grading of assignments and paying more attention to the teaching process. Gradescope allows teachers to mark paper exams, planned projects, and online assignments in one place. It also ensures fair scoring and presentation of meaningful statistics to help determine class trends and student needs.


Knowji is an audio-visual vocabulary tool used by language students. It combines scientifically proven methodologies with engaging and fun concepts to help students learn faster. It also tracks students’ progress for each word and also uses a redistribution algorithm that can predict when a user is on their way to forget a word. This can help the student memorize things in the long run.

Hugh Library Assistant

Hugh is the name of a voice-controlled AI based education robot that helps library users in finding the books in the library within a minute. The bot was designed & developed around Aberystwyth University’s Hugh Owen Library. This robot can move through the library and are capable of taking the users to the location of the book.

Altitude Learning

Altitude Learning is a professional learning software and platform that fosters growth through student-centered education. This AI platform is unique because it pushes students towards self-directed learning. It enables teachers to be careful to meet the needs of each student throughout the learning cycle, from initial planning to understanding student progress. Through this platform, teachers can teach the work individually, in small groups and in multiple groups. This will help the student begin their path to self-learning with the support and guidance of the teacher or instructor.

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