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Today technology, media and telecoms companies are rife with unstructured data from multiple streams – but it’s not always easy to interpret or find value in that information.
These sectors have been appreciated by masses and have been growing constantly, leading to more competition in both pricing and features. It has become highly critical to wrangle the available data and use proactive strategies to target customers with the right product and right promotions at the right time. With so many players in the market, it’s essential to retain customers and drive subscription revenue growth through cross-sells and upsells.
Structuring multi-stream (omni-channel & device) data and pairing it with sophisticated machine learning algorithms opens the floodgates to new opportunities. Predicting market, product and customer behavior takes the guesswork out of business decisions.

Just A Few Of The Problems We Have Solved Include

How can we tune and track search engine optimization, customer experience, and feedback?

How do we track and enhance the performance of agile product development teams?

How do we build personalized in-app recommendations?

How do we micro-segment our clients for hyper-personalized marketing campaigns?

What are the most profitable topics that a customer would search for during specific event (like wedding, baby planning) or holiday season?

How can we optimize ROI by identifying most profitable search keywords for various channels (including search engines and social media)?

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