Realtime Business Visibility & Scalability through Cloud Migration

Executive Summary

The client, a Fortune 500 company, is a well-known pioneer in the hospitality and entertainment industry and has been known for its family cruise line business. The company used a revenue management system to manage the prices of cruise ships based on seasonality and demand. A dashboard was used to visualize advanced bookings done by customers.

The on-premise database used to house all of the revenue management system’s data. However, the infrastructure was not processing data reliably and was not scalable enough to meet the spikes and increased customer demand. This caused the company to lose business on the bookings and more importantly on their customer satisfaction scores.

Factspan addressed the scale, speed, and reliability by developing multiple ETL & ELT data pipelines to move their on-premises data storage system to the cloud. The solution helped the client teams to capture demand properly, reduce workflows, measure performance effectively across all segments and countries, and accurately pinpoint cash flow issues.

Project Highlights

  • Increased visibility, scalability, and reliability of the revenue management system.
  • Reduced the operational cost and eliminated the manual intervention & downtime of the platform.
  • Easy migration of data across different product segments, business units, and countries.
  • Assisted in cash flow decisions.
  • Optimized the parallel processing capability from 40 to 400+ processes.


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