Hospitality & Tourism

With so much choice, it’s harder for businesses in hospitality, travel and tourism to get the attention of guests – let alone retain their loyalty.
Guests expect a highly tailored, customer-focused experience at the right price. But in a climate of disruption from peer-to-peer sharing platforms, travel and tourism firms need to make smart, informed decisions about where their investment will deliver a real return in terms of revenue and create distinction for an unparalleled customer experience.

Just A Few Of The Problems We Have Solved Include

How can we optimize pricing in real-time considering customer profiles, preferences, and seasonal demands?

How can we dynamically allocate budget to marketing vendors to optimize ROI?

How could a performance-based scorecard allow dynamic benefit allocation?

How can we customize offers for customer segments based on previous transactions?

How can we optimize our network based on seasonal demand to reduce cost, meet demand, and achieve optimal pricing?

Could NLP techniques mine unstructured review data to illuminate customer pain points?

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