Create limitless possibilities. Explore multiple capabilities. Experience snowflake powered Factspan data cloud services.

Snowflake- Begin your data culture.
Execute myriad tasks effortlessly.

The physical environment is making way for virtual streams. Data cloud is the new normal. Snowflake powered Factspan data cloud services is an all-inclusive suite of services to enhance the power of your data. Deploy all your data in one platform and implement your assignments with ease.

Factspan has provided value enhancement to clients by leveraging snowflake.

Factspan has fuelled better returns for its clients leveraging AWS.
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The data universe is evolving. Snowflake keeps you abreast

Smooth data experiences

Data isolation is thing of past; seamless integration of data from different sources/ channel into single point dashboards.

Organized data sharing

Strengthen you data sharing processes; you’re well equipped to share data systematically and securely both in-house and outside the organization.

Truly automated

A complete self-activating platform; the infrastructure scales up and down on its own based upon usage and requirement.

Economies of scale

Pay basis the usage time; you’re billed only for the data you store and hours you work- idle time is free time.

Sales Analytics using Genealogy Maps

Factspan snowflake partnership gives you access to the best techniques in cloud data.

Data warehouse

A trusted data repository; get quick, reliable and secure access to all your data from heterogeneous sources.

Data lake

Your data vault; store data in its original form- structured or unstructured, to increase analytical performance.

Data engineering

Apply skill to your data; process your data with extraordinary precision to achieve prosperity.

Data science

Understand the data events; curb your time in arranging your data, all your data is almost immediately available to be put to use.

Data applications

Flourish your data administration; create sustainable and modern apps that enhance performance and build scale.

Data Sharing

Control your data completely; enable data exchange for remarkable teamwork, reduce costs and enhance value.

Deploy snowflake- reap success. Factspan is with you.

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