Analyzing the Digital Customer Repeat Purchase Behavior for a Pharmacy

A US pharmacy chain adapted retail strategy for digital capabilities. Factspan analyzed linked digital accounts, increasing prescriptions and customer retention.
Analyzing the Digital Customer Repeat Purchase Behavior for a Pharmacy

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    Executive Summary

    One of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States had to adapt its retail strategy due to the global pandemic and started to prioritize digital capabilities in response to evolving customer expectations. The client wanted to analyze the customer script refill behavior when they link their digital account to their pharmacy account. The outcome of this exercise will help the client determine the benefits of linking digital pharmacy accounts and to design effective marketing programs for increased digital adoption among its customers. Factspan team worked on determining the answers to two key questions:

    1) Was there an uplift in pharmacy refills if the digital account is linked to the pharmacy account?
    2) If so, how much was the uplift across the age groups?

    The team at Factspan divided the customer base into different age groups and performed multiple statistical analysis to compare the refill behavior of the digitally linked and guest account customer groups across the study period. The analysis revealed that customers with linked digital accounts filled more prescriptions on average per month than those with guest accounts across all age groups. The creation of a linked digital pharmacy account led to a significant increase in the number of prescriptions filled per customer per month. The findings helped the company increase linked digital pharmacy adoption by 15-20%, boost customer retention by 20%, resulting in elevated customer satisfaction and increased revenue. The analysis findings were also used to augment the digital pharmacy department’s budget, which could be utilized to promote digital pharmacy services via marketing campaigns.

    Project Highlights
    • Major US pharmacy chain with 2K+ stores across 17 states.
    • Compared script refills to evaluate advantages of digital account linking.
    • Customers with digital linked accounts filled more prescriptions/month than those with guest accounts across all age groups.
    • 15-20% increase in digital pharmacy adoption.
    • Boosted customer retention by 20%
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