Diver BI to Snowflake Migration for a Major US Hospital

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    Executive Summary:

    How do outdated systems impact vital healthcare decisions? A prominent hospital faced such a challenge with an antiquated Diver BI platform, causing many operational inefficiencies that impacted patient care, resource allocation, and financial management. Recognizing the need for an improved and updated system, Factspan conducted a thorough assessment and developed a comprehensive solution.

    The team played a key role in guiding the healthcare institution through a strategic shift to Snowflake, effectively tackling both immediate data-related hurdles and broader operational disruptions. The smooth transition involved migrating 500 SQL codes and relocating crucial dashboards to Tableau. By placing a strong emphasis on healthcare analytics, Factspan successfully streamlined operations, improved data management, and bolstered the overall infrastructure, establishing resilience in navigating healthcare challenges effectively.

    Project Highlights:
    • Successful migration to Snowflake, enhancing data precision
    • 45% surge in operational efficiency with streamlined processes
    • Development of Tableau dashboards for comprehensive insights
    • Predictive analytics achieved through tailored data architecture
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