Diver BI to Snowflake Migration for a Major US Hospital

Executive Summary

How much can old legacy systems affect healthcare operations? In the world of healthcare, critical decisions must be made with precision, without the right information, these decisions can be delayed costing real lives. A distinguished hospital grappled with a similar situation, an antiquated Diver BI platform. Operational inefficiencies and the constraints of legacy systems cast a pervasive shadow, resulting in disruptions across critical facets of patient care, resource allocation, and financial management. This cascading effect translated into delayed decision-making, compromised patient satisfaction, and suboptimal resource allocation.

To solve this challenge, Factspan conducted a thorough assessment, unveiling the extensive impact of the challenge. The strategic migration to Snowflake emerged as a linchpin solution, addressing not only the immediate data-related obstacles but also remedying the broader operational disruptions. The seamless transition of over 500 SQL codes and relocation of vital dashboards to Tableau, coupled with meticulous post-production support, not only rectified data issues but served as a foundational platform for operational resilience.

About the Client

The client, a faith-based not-for-profit organization, is one of the most trusted healthcare institutions in the United States. With nearly 2 million patient visits per year and with over 4000 physicians, they have earned a reputation for providing exceptional medical care and are recognized as a leader in the healthcare industry

Business Challenge

The problem was multifaceted and pervasive, rooted in the inefficiencies of an outdated Diver BI platform. The repercussions reverberated through various departments, amplifying operational challenges and manifesting in disruptions across critical facets of patient care, resource allocation, and financial management.

The obsolete platform not only hindered the seamless flow of data but also impeded timely access to vital patient information, creating bottlenecks in clinical decision-making and impacting patient satisfaction. Operational inefficiencies infiltrated ETL processes, leading to a ripple effect of delayed insights and compromised data integrity.

Our Solution

Factspan orchestrated a strategic migration to Snowflake that became the cornerstone of an initiative that went beyond addressing immediate data-related obstacles. Over 500 SQL codes seamlessly transitioned, alleviating bottlenecks in ETL processes and reinforcing the hospital’s data infrastructure. Crucially, the relocation of vital dashboards to Tableau was not a mere technological shift but a strategic move to enhance operational visibility and empower decision-makers across departments.

Post-production support from Factspan played a pivotal role in fine-tuning every aspect, optimizing operational capabilities, and ensuring a smooth transition.

This comprehensive solution was not confined to rectifying data intricacies, it served as a foundational remedy for the broader operational disruptions experienced by various departments.

The outcomes were transformative – a rejuvenated data ecosystem that streamlined processes, improved capabilities, and positioned the hospital for enduring operational resilience. Factspan’s intervention was more than just updating technology; it was a strategic maneuver to fortify the hospital against the evolving landscape of healthcare analytics.

Business Impact
  • Enhanced data handling capabilities
  • 45% boost in operational efficiency
  • Improved infrastructure service costs
  • 15% decrease in readmission rates
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