Chaos to Control in Generative AI era: Laying the foundation through Data Governance & Engineering

In today’s data-driven world, businesses face numerous challenges, from ensuring consistent and reliable data quality to safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining compliance. The emergence of Generative AI has added a new dimension to these challenges, promising innovation and growth but also raising concerns about data security and ethics.

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Ashok Kutty, Senior Manager – Data Engineering. A Data Engineering expert with over 10 years of  experience in this area. Shailesh Kumar, Senior Manager – Data Governance. An expert with over 9 years of Experience in the domain Moderated by Mohini Khatri from our HR team

Why Should You Watch this Webinar?
  • Navigate the Generative AI Era: Discover how to effectively manage Generative AI within your existing data pipeline and leverage its potential for innovation and growth.
  • Overcome Data Challenges: Learn practical techniques to ensure consistent data quality, privacy, security, and seamless integration.
  • Unleash Ethical Data Power: Establish a strong foundation for ethical data management and leverage Generative AI responsibly, ensuring transparency and accountability.
Who Should Watch?

This webinar is tailored for professionals, data enthusiasts, AI practitioners, and anyone interested in understanding how Generative AI impacts data management and security.


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