3 Foundational Data Governance Functions to start your Data Governance Journey

With an ever-growing variety and quantity of enterprise data, data governance has become the lynchpin for success in any digital strategy.

But what does it take to succeed in data governance projects?

Here are 3 foundational data governance functions to start your initiative
→ Policy
→ Data Cataloging
→ Data Quality Management

This webinar will help you understand how to get started with each of the above-mentioned data governance functions.

Date: Wednesday, November 9th

Time: 1-2 PM EST

Key takeaways you can expect from this part 2 of the webinar:

1) Data regulation landscape and data policies: How to adapt quickly to the changing landscape of data privacy and staying ahead of the constant evolution of the data policy?

2) What are the criteria for assessing the best tools for your organization?

3) How do you integrate them? This section includes proactive vs anomaly detection DQM, criteria for selecting DQM Tools, profiling strategies with migration and data quality scorecards.

Let’s discuss all of these and more….

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