Data Engineering

Be it small or big, structured or unstructured, static or real-time, we help you build the data flow for effective decision making

Discover The Undiscovered.

We apply science to your data to extract impactful stats. The World is no longer a simpler and smaller place. Local machines have given way to the Cloud. With our data engineering services, we give you rich insights and newer perspectives from your data. We are changing the way the value is derived from data.

Relevant information enables rewarding results.

Factspan suite of data engineering services is meant to transform the way you use information for business decisions.

Cloud migration

Move your digital operations like data, applications and IT framework to the cloud infrastructure. Seamless transition of your data, applications and processes from legacy infrastructure like computing hardware & software to the cloud environment; from inception till completion we handhold you.

Data management & governance

Data is important, so is its control; regulate the usage, flow and handling of data in your organization in a structured manner. Formulate policies concerning data usage in your organization and manage how data is handled and processed within the prescribed policy framework.

Cloud platform build

Design and operate cloud indigenous data platforms to perform data functions. Own your own virtual place; build an optimized cloud environment for storing and transmitting your data. Execute a variety of tasks with precision and perfection. Automate and implement your builds for applications on cloud infrastructure.

Data platform & analytics

Integrate your big data sources together and carry out analysis to get actionable insights. Draw meaningful and insightful conclusions; uncover new patterns from raw data through seamless application of science to your datasets. A unified platform with multiple capabilities to help enterprises take more informed decisions.

DevOps management & security

Seamless combination of software- development and operation. Develop robust platforms; a coherent integration of software development with IT infrastructure to develop secure and authentic applications. Get empowered to build and deploy applications quickly and successfully.

Magnify the hidden value of your data.

Experience Factspan data engineering services.

360° robust statistics

Lay your hands on business data that is refined, informative and capable of drawing logical conclusions and enriching outcomes

Smart decision making

Access to meaningful insights and availability of intelligent data-backed analysis enable forward looking and rewarding business decisions

Competitive edge

With data-backed pointers at your disposal, you’re better equipped to embrace future and espouse change than your rivals

Data monetization

With value unlocking through data analytics, unbolt new opportunities to commercialize your data by offering insights that add further value

Cost rationalization

Streamlined and automated processes bring efficiency in operations by curbing cost overspends

Robust in-house support

Your employees have access to data on the go- whenever and wherever they require it

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