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Cloud computing is vertebrae for digital metamorphosis. With the capabilities to tap almost every service under the roof, you are never behind in your success quest. AWS powered Factspan cloud computing services let you offload your pain and time absolutely and completely.

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Factspan has fuelled better returns for its clients leveraging AWS.
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Tryst with data for value enhancement that is extraordinary.

Oodles of operations

Get access to a broad range of technologies; from running your workloads to supporting development, perform your tasks effectively and with precision.

Top-notch security

The most comprehensive security cover; best-in-industry security tools are mobilized to keep clouds shielded and secure

Expedite innovation

Development at a brisk pace; you have the ability to try out the most advanced and state-of-art technologies to speed up your transformational journey

Truly universal network

The biggest platform globally; access infrastructure that has its footprint in every corner of the globe

Sales Analytics using Genealogy Maps

Factspan AWS partnership opens your door to the finest cloud computing platform out there.


Data analysis simplified; easy to use on the cloud data exploration offers quick outcomes.

Application integration

Seamless unification of applications; synchronize your AWS services harmoniously to build scalable apps.

AR and VR

Build your AR/ VR apps at full tilt; with simple to use and navigate tools, create your apps in-house with great accuracy.

Cost management

Be in control of your AWS usage; an easy-to-use dashboard lets you understand, project and manage your hangouts, thus reducing your costs.


Create your chain of blocks; establish and run a fully secure and flexible network for simultaneous execution of tasks by multiple users.

Business applications

Make your business smarter; harness the potential of various in-built tools to make your business functions intelligent and high-yielding.

Compute services

Achieve higher service delivery; get secured and re-scalable compute capacity for your cloud-based applications.

Customer engagement

Provide rich customer experiences; interact with and serve your customers in the most efficient manner.


Keep your information in the most organized environment; it becomes easy to set up, functionalize and control your cloud database.

Desktop and app streaming

A scientifically built service; successfully control and provision the desktops and apps to your workforce across the globe.

Developer tools.

High-end development capabilities; design, build, test and deploy your applications using a fully managed platform.

Game tech

All-round gaming management; build graphic oriented exceptional games, deploy them on the cloud and offer immersive user experiences.

Internet of things

Create internet-powered smart objects; eliminate human intervention, your devices are engineered to visualize and create outputs for use.

Machine learning

Move your applications effortlessly; transfer your applications quickly and securely across multiple platforms.

Mobile services

Next-gen mobile applications; build a robust and automated back-end network to support your mobile services.

Networking & content delivery

Deliver applications almost anywhere; brilliant features backed by fool-proof security helps you to mobilize the power of global cloud.


Embrace automation; create a forward-looking business through ultra-modern automated applications designed to replicate human intelligence.


Develop your own Satellite network; manage everything from communications to downlink to control, get predictive outcomes.

Security, identity & compliance

An array of security tools; a single-window platform to highlight your security alerts and compliance status of multiple services within the platform.


Keep your data safe; with a 99.99% performance guarantee, your data is stored safely and protected against any firmware/ threats.

Streamline your business with AWS. Factspan is with you.

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