Giovanni Cervellati

Research Manager, Analytics and Big Data – IDC Europe.

Abhiram Mahajani

Vice President, UK and Europe, Factspan

Unlocking the endless possibilities with data
Interested to know where businesses stand on their journey towards Gen Al maturity and adoption?

The realm of artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly than ever before, and companies have long been navigating the intricate path of data-driven decision-making. But that is not all: with the advent of GenerativeAl, data is not only the pillar for analytics and Machine Learning, but it has become even more paramount and essential to make the most effective use of large and small foundational models. Everything starts from data, and being data-ready is more essential than ever before.

In our upcoming webinar, titled “Being Data Ready for Gen Al,” we set out to explore the current state of Gen Al maturity within enterprises. This webinar aims to analyse situations and solutions to effectively, efficiently, and securely use Enterprise Data while implementing Gen Al technologies into organizational strategies and operations.

Webinar Agenda

Work Factspan

Tuesday April 16 2024

Unlocking the endless possibilities with data

Why Attend?

Get ready to navigate Gen Al maturity paths, together with IDC and Factspan, looking at the challenges, opportunities, and transformative potential it holds for businesses.

What does it take to build Gen Al at speed and scale?

What do enterprise need to do to make the most of their Data?

How do we do this in a secure, ethical, and efficient way?

Factspan and IDC experts will deep dive into these dimensions to give actionable takeaways to propel your organization towards data readiness in the era of Gen Al.

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