AI-Powered Sales Lead Scoring for a Global Logistics Company


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    Executive Summary

    In the logistics sector, identifying high-potential leads was a challenge due to its dynamic nature. A logistics company struggled with the evolving market and the need to improve sales operations. Factspan introduced an AI-powered solution that allowed for real-time adjustments in lead scoring. AI-driven segmentation also improved marketing strategies and removed data bias using GANs (generative adversarial networks). 

    The approach delivered significant results, increasing lead conversions and streamlining sales operations. By partnering with Factspan, the logistics leader embraced advanced AI, resulting in efficiency gains, increased lead conversions, and notable business improvements.

    Project Highlights
    • Dynamic AI-driven lead scoring
    • Tailored marketing strategies with AI
    • Improved data quality through GANs
    • Achieved a 20% increase in lead conversions
    • Attained a 30% boost in sales team efficiency

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