Experimentation Framework: Building a Culture Within Your Organization

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Did you know that Booking.com, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and many large organizations leverage experimentation methodologies. And over the years, they have invested & focused on building a culture of experimentation. Honestly, it’s no surprise considering how it’s been a game changer, not just for these organizations but for several other companies as well.

To give you a context,

1) Fortune 100 companies run over 10000 experiments every year, some end up going into 50000

2) Neil Hunt, the then Netflix’s Chief Product Officer (1999-2017) mentioned in one of his interviews that his $150 million-per-year investment on experimentation yields $500 million in value for Netflix

3) Microsoft’s Bing unit makes dozens of monthly improvements, which collectively have boosted revenue per search by 10% to 25% a year

4) Booking.com transformed from being a small Dutch start-up to one of the world’s largest online accommodation platform with 25000 tests a year.

For all the impact & the success it brings to the organization, we find that the majority still struggle with effectively implementing these experiments. Join our experts as they take you through the subject of “Experimentation Framework” and deep dive into-

1. What exactly is experimentation?

2. Is there more to experimentation that AB tests?

3. What are all the methodologies that are available to me?

4. How do we ensure we are applying the right methodology to the business goal in question?

5. How do I generate confidence behind the changes that my company is making to the product?

6. Which experiment or causal inference technique is most applicable and how do I make the right decision consistently?

and more… Watch now!


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