The Auto ML Saga: 

Adventures of Moksh & Gabbar

The Quest for the perfect Machine Learning Model

Meet our protagonist, Moksh. Moksh is on a mission to build the perfect machine learning model. But, here is a twist, he doesn't know where to start. The quest begins.. How will Moksh reach his goal? Who will help him?

Meet Gabbar, Moksh’s robot sidekick 

One fine day, our young adventurer meets a friendly robot named Gabbar who introduces him to the power of AutoML. Gabbar explains that AutoML can automate many of the tedious tasks involved in building and deploying machine learning models.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Data

Moksh is frustrated when he realizes that his dataset has many issues. His machine learning model has failed him. Gabbar comes to the rescue, he uses AutoML to clean and transform the data into a usable format.

The Art of Feature Engineering

When he needs to create new features from his data to improve model performance… His reliable robo buddy shows the way, points at the AutoML that can automatically generate and select relevant features.

The Great Model Tweak-Off

Finally, he finds the right algorithm, but is it perfect? Well, not yet… To his surprise, Moksh discovers that he can adjust the settings of his machine learning algorithm to improve model performance.

A Hero's Journey to Deployment

Finally, our champion has built the perfect machine learning model, but he needs to make it available to struggling businesses that really need it. He relies on his old buddy again to guide him through the process of deploying the model. Gabbar does it all, from creating the infrastructure to making it available to users.

The Superpowers of AutoML

Moksh reflects on his journey with AutoML and realizes that it has given him superpowers like faster model development, improved accuracy, and the ability to build models without expertise in coding or data science.

The Avengers of Machine Learning Assemble

He learns about the real-world applications of AutoML, from using it to detect fraudulent transactions in finance to predicting patient outcomes in healthcare. Moksh imagines himself as part of an elite team of machine learning superheroes.

Moksh's Journey to Machine Learning Greatness

Our hero has completed his journey to machine learning greatness with the help of AutoML and his ever faithful friend, Gabbar. 

The adventurous duo encourage others to embark on their own journeys with AutoML.

Helping others like them to build powerful machine learning models that will change the world.

The Saga continues…  Stay tuned for more adventures.

The Saga continues…  Stay tuned for more adventures.

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