Digital Twinning

The Adventures of Moksh & Gabbar

A new adventure dawns!

Moksh and Gabbar visit a new chapter in their adventure book! Exploring hidden gems in the world of Data and AI…

A Diamond in the rough

Moksh deicides to visit his grandfather’s old factory he had seen when he was young. He was shocked and saddened by the sight of the factory. It had completely broken down. Gabbar wanted to cheer Moksh up. He wanted to fix it for his best friend, but how?

The Digital Brainstorm 

Moksh and Gabbar think super hard on how they can get the factory up and running.  And, Gabbar got the ultimate idea! A digital twin can help us do it.

Time for a Digital Manifestation

A new lease of life!

The adventurous tag team got on uncovering what the factory created before it went bust. They realized that the factory created some cutting-edge ‘pagers’. But it’s not the 1980s…Who needs pagers anymore?

Understanding the Power of Digital Twins

Gabbar got to work on it! Chiseling a virtual model of the factory with his digital spanners and hammers!

The Game Plan

They worked together to create a plan to improve each section of the old factory. The duo used the factory’s digital twin & simulations to design and test their ideas for the new factory.

The Transformers 

With the help of the digital model, Moksh and Gabbar transformed the old pager factory into a futuristic, state-of-the-art mobile factory.

Shout out to all innovators! 

The news of the factory transformation attracted innovators from around the world, eager to use the concept of digital twin to bring their ideas to life.

The dawn of a new world

Moksh and Gabbar realized that with the power of what they’ve stumbled upon… Anything is possible - all it takes is a lot of imagination and a digital twin. You can create a digital avatars to build, diagnose, and predict physical behaviours of machines.

With this chapter concluded, the duo set out to chase new ideas and change the world.

Adventure never sleeps, luckily neither does Gabbar!!