Foundational Pillars

of Data Stewardship

Data  Quality management

Metadata Management

Compliance and Policy Enforcement

Data Lifecycle Management

Data Security and Privacy

Stakeholder Collaboration & Communication

Training and Education

Data Quality Management

Stewards maintain high quality data, setting standards, conducting audits and ensuring  accuracy, consistency and reliability

Meta Data Management

Data stewards document metadata for better data understanding , accurately representing data source, structure and usage guidelines.

Compliance and Policy Enforcement

Stewards enforce compliance, interpret regulations, and implement controls to adhere to internal policies and external requirements

Data Lifecycle Management

Overseeing the data lifecycle, stewards ensure efficient data management aligning with the organization's strategy and compliance needs

Data security and Privacy

Data stewards safegaurd sensitive information by working with IT and security teams to implement robust access controls and encryption measures

Stakeholder Collaboration and Communication

Stewards bridge communication gaps between stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and understanding of data-related matters.

Training and Education

Leading education initiatives, data stewards empower staff with data best practices, policies, and tools, fostering a culture of data literacy within the organization.