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Hypothesis Testing is Like a Criminal Trial

In a criminal trial, someone is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

In hypothesis testing, we start with an assumption called the null hypothesis.

The prosecution collects evidence to prove someone is guilty, like how we collect data to test a hypothesis.

If the evidence is strong, the person is guilty like a hammer coming down to deliver a verdict.

We use math to see if the evidence is strong enough to reject the null hypothesis and accept a different one.

But, something unexpected can happen, like a surprise witness who proves the person is innocent.

Meet Detective Jones, who investigates the case further and uncovers more information that alters the verdict.

Similarly, in hypothesis testing, new information can change our conclusion

- like Detective Jones finding a new piece of evidence that alters the hypothesis.

If the evidence isn't strong enough, the person is innocent.

But, with Detective Jones' help, we might uncover new evidence later on that leads to a different conclusion.