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The buzzword of the Day: Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning

A Journey of Trial and Error

Meet                  , the evergreen eater.

His goal is to navigate the maze and eat as many dots as possible, all while avoiding ghosts.

So, we'll make the maze his training ground. The dots will be his rewards, and the ghosts will be his penalties.

But like all great heroes, Pac-Man needs a challenge.

Learning through trial and error and constantly improving based on the feedback from the environment.

And that's the essence of Reinforcement Learning 

The agent learns to take actions that maximize the cumulative reward signal over time.

This is precisely how Reinforcement Learning algorithms work. 

Imagine an agent, similar to Pac-Man, making decisions based on feedback from its environment to achieve a desired goal.

Our Pac-Man story shows how Reinforcement Learning can be applied to real-world problems. 

How have you used Reinforcement Learning to solve real-world problems?

Let's hear it from you.

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