Data Pipeline in Action   What, Why and How

What are data pipelines?

To understand the data pipeline process, let's look at a food delivery business

A food delivery partner orders your food in a restaurant, transports it, and then delivers it to your door. 

Similarly, a data pipeline process performs the same function with data:

it gathers data from a source, transmits it along the pipeline, and delivers it to a destination.

Why do we need data pipelines?

Just like food delivery partners help the restaurant business by connecting them with customers and facilitating the delivery of food.

Similarly, data pipelines help organizations manage and analyze their data more efficiently and effectively, which can support better decision-making and drive business success.

How is data processed through data pipelines?

Tools to consider before setting up a data pipeline

Identify the source (s) of data

Data Storage Solution

Data Storage solution that will be the central repository for your data.

Data Processing Technology

to extract, transform, and load the data from the sources into the central repository. These tools can perform tasks such as filtering and aggregating the data, as well as cleaning and structuring it for analysis.

Has the data delivery partner given you food for thought?

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