Ethical AI Dilemma

The Adventures of Moksh & Gabbar

The Great AI Debate:  "AI: Friend or Foe?"

Moksh and Gabbar are hanging out at a virtual theme park, debating the merits of AI. 

Gabbar thinks AI is going to take over the world, Moksh is convinced that it will make our lives easier.

Promise of AI: "Is it our Savior?"

Moksh tells Gabbar about the incredible promise of AI, like creating an all-powerful machine to develop intergrated marketing strategies in a jiffy.

Gabbar does not seem convinced.

The Dark Side of AI: "Sinister Robots?”

Gabbar points out that AI also has a dark side, and Moksh wonders how?

Gabbar further elaborates.

Understanding Bias: “Who let the Bias out? Who? Who?”

Moksh and Gabbar uncover how sneaky bias can infiltrate AI algorithms, causing all sorts of unfair outcomes. 

They talk about how biases can creep in during the development stage and make the AI evil. 

The Gender Bias Debacle: A large company's recruitment process was faulty

An AI recruiting tool for a large online retailer company was biased against women, and preferred men in the recruitment process. It led the company to scrap the tool and emphasize the need for transparency in AI.

Transparency in AI: “Honesty is the Best Policy”

Gabbar emphasizes the need for transparency in AI to ensure accountability and trust among users.

Moksh agrees that transparency should be a foundational aspect of AI development.

But what happens when there is no transparency? 

The Dangers of Black Box AI: “Is that the supervillain we fear?”

Importance of Diversity: “Stronger Together”

Diverse Teams Design Better AI: “Let us cover all the bases”

Human-Centered AI: “Are we talking Half-Human and Half-Machine?”

Moksh and Gabbar learn about human-centered AI, which puts people at the center of AI design and development.

Ethical AI Governance: “Good Governance Leads to Greater Progress”

AI can be used for the greater good of society only if good polices are adopted with goal of helping humanity.

Responsible AI: "The Epic Quest for Ethical AI has just started"

Through this journey Moksh and Gabbar have become advocates in ethical use of AI technology for better future.

The Journey Continues: “What is that on the horizon? Another Adventure?”

The Journey Continues: “What is that on the horizon? Another Adventure?”