Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We embed intelligence into your business solutions by decoding and analyzing patterns in data.

From large scale optimization solutions to predictive & prescriptive modeling to deep learning and AI governance, we help you build efficient and effective intelligent decision systems.

Feature engineering

Transform your raw data into a set of attributes that best represent the data. Comprehensive study of your data; derive features to better understand the underlying problem resulting in better and improved models. Rich features allow you to deploy easy to understand and manage models.

Cloud model deployment

Determine the configurations of your cloud environment. Become empowered to take control of your costs; implement a cloud model which is best aligned to your organization requirements. Decide who takes control of the cloud and accessibility parameters.

Computer vision

Automate the process to understand and interpret the visual data for accurate insights. Calibrate your computer systems for better and refined output; understand, elucidate and analyze the visual data like humans. You can detect and label objects with great accuracy.

Video intelligence

Appertain the power of analytics to your visual data. Utilize analytical dexterity; enhance video security systems, extract actionable inputs and trigger real-time alerts. Process your visual data automatically to perform predefined actions.

ML Ops

Embrace machine learning in your enterprise functions. Develop and improve your ML models; make them reliable, scalable, high-yielding and less prone to failures. Increase the footprint of automation in your organization while also taking care of the business and regulatory obligations.

Natural language processing

Program your computers through AI to process and decipher natural human language. Support your computer systems to understand human language; resulting in better understanding and decryption of language to extract finer conclusions.

Speech recognition

Use AI to understand, process and convert spoken human language into text. A seamless transformation of spoken words into text; prop up your computer set-up to acknowledge and respond to human speech.

Text analytics

Auto extract information in the form of qualitative data from written resources. Facilitate high ticket trends and analysis; transform unstructured and raw text into high quality data so far hidden. Unlock a wealth of information from unstructured texts like emails, surveys, feedbacks etc. to study customer behaviour.


Input your historical data to determine the future trends. Scientific study of historical data for orderly future planning; make informed decisions to draw your budgets and allocate expenses. Scientific analysis of trends helps in planning future course of business objectives.

From real-time data to real-time analysis to instantaneous actions, we connect the dots to build expert systems.

Trimming human errors

With accurate programming, your computer systems will not make mistakes which are intrinsic to human workforce

High risk zest

AI powered solutions let your business overcome non-risk taking character of humans by penetrating new high-risk avenues

Round the clock at work

Unlike humans, machines are designed to work without any snap. Your functions and analysis run 24x7x365

Express decisions

AI/ ML techniques eliminate psychological human traits which in turn power swift and instant decisions

Decipher intricate problems

Your business is equipped to discover the solutions to complex business problems that weren’t earlier accessible

Vigorous business upshots

Be it customer satisfaction, personalized attention and quality of service, AI/ ML ensures healthier customer outcomes at every level

We help you marry the right tools for right outcomes


Want to unlock your data for business growth?