Google Cloud

Be a part of a digital transformation that is revolutionary. Experience google powered Factspan cloud computing services.

Google cloud- your most reliable and highly scalable cloud platform

Use a Cloud network that is both quick and secure. With google energized Factspan cloud computing services, you get access to a virtual space which is enterprise friendly. Truly harness the value of cloud to get quick, innovative and flexible resources.

Factspan has powered cloud computing par excellence for its clients leveraging google cloud

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Google cloud is your ticket to success.

Omnipresent infrastructure

Embrace the best technology; you get covered by the same security technology that support google’s own private networks

Impeccable security

Get protection through a multi-dimensional security model; with industry best security practices at play, you data is safe and completely secure

Robust open cloud

Seamless flow of work between clouds; set on a fixed development infrastructure drop-ship your applications between clouds


Aggressively priced; get access to a world-class cloud platform at a price that is better than most of the competitors

Sales Analytics using Genealogy Maps

Factspan provides a full range of google powered cloud computing solutions to its clients. Factspan google cloud partnership provides a rich ensemble of cloud computing solutions. Sprint on the path to success.

Compute Engine

Unleash the google capabilities; power your virtual machines to achieve high efficiency with highly scalable infrastructure

Cloud storage

There is something for everyone; whatever is the scale of your business you’d have a safe and flexible storage option to choose.

Big query

Process large volumes of data with ease; analyze huge volumes of data for value-driven analysis.

Cloud run

A truly scalable cum intelligent infrastructure that lets you take charge of your work. Factspan technology lets you develop and deploy apps faster and effectively with your favorite tools.

Cloud SDK

Effectively manage applications and resources on google cloud platform; performing tasks is easier and nimble than earlier.

Cloud CDN

Take content closer to your audiences; leverage google global networks to accelerate your websites and applications.

Cloud SQL

A fully managed cloud database environment; make your databases dependable, flexible and secure Set up your robust database infrastructure; manage it better and get more time at hand to put it to use.