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HotSOS (Hotel Service Optimization System), a cloud-based mobile solution for full-service hotels that manages the service order tracking, guest request and preventative maintenance scheduling while reducing costs. HotSOS Housekeeping automates the regular housekeeping operation, resulting in reduced check-in wait times and increased guest satisfaction.

The option React Mobile will integrate React Mobile SOS widespread alerting capabilities into the HotSOS mobile offering. Hotels with the upgraded HotSOS are giving their employees the React Mobile “Sidekick” panic button that will pair directly with a hotel worker’s smartphone. This button allows users to activate a widespread emergency alert without having to access or unlock their smartphone in an emergency.

The React Dispatch Console blends computer-aided dispatch, alert management and incident reporting in one central application. This improves situational awareness and faster response times. This technology facilitates contingent dispatch centres to receive React SOS alerts around-the-clock. It also has the ability to immediately identify the person in distress and their exact location as well.

It analyzes the implementation of a guest service response system at a full-service hotel resort. The term implementation will indicate the start to completion process and steps utilized to install a new method into hotel operations. The definition of the system, for the purposes of this report, is a technological solution that utilizes limited manual processes and relies upon computers, mobile devices and computer programming.

What are the perks of HotSOS or as it is famously known as- Hot Sauce?

> Efficient Data Gathering
The HotSOS system administrator works with management and supervisors within each department to gather employee IDs and roles. The second aspect of data gathering revolves around documenting and archiving each and every property location (including all guest rooms) and piece of equipment. The process of extracting data from the property management system is very thorough and extensive, yet pretty efficient.

> Appropriate Communication
Addressing a chain of line-level employees in a Hospitality ecosystem, HotSOS creates a sub-committee of key users at the department level, who receive timely communication via email. This limits the funnelling effect that typically occurs when only one person addresses issues or handles questions.

> Training and Onboarding
HotSOS application comes with Quick Reference cards, customized user manuals and several other materials, geared to include all applicable subject matter by the department and by trade/function. The notion of HotSOS is to implement efficiency, convenience and creating an informed and connected hotel team and that is how the onboarding process is curated.

HotSOS makes the transition from a manual process to technology-based dispatching more seamless than ever. Handling the end-to-end Hospitality Administration process, with right messages at the right time, with added recommendation and insights is something that makes it stand out.

If we see in a way, the safety capabilities that React Mobile brings to HotSOS are of great value to our hospitality customers facing new legislation at the local level.
Some major names to have benefitted from HotSOS and recognized its prominence are Mc Laren, Mandalay Bay and Dusit Thani (Guam Resort), There are a number of case studies on the same if you ever wish to check out more.

HotSOS uses the core of Crowd Analytics and is the best example of how technology advancements are creating a new level of customer service and revolutionizing the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

About the Author

Charu Priyadarshini loves to see the world from an edge- as she believes every coin has three sides-” the heads, the tail, the edge”. Besides her love for analytics and writing, she has a deep-rooted interest in Bharatnatyam, Kick-boxing and Hiking.

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